About Byrraju Foundation

Byrraju Foundation was set up in July 2001 in memory of Late Shri Byrraju Satyanarayana Raju, a philanthropist who believed in development of villages by enhancing the quality of lives in rural areas.

BRF rapidly expanded its operation to cover 200 villages, running 40 diverse programmes, touching all aspects of rural life and impacting over
2 million people.

Our Impact

Health Centres
Patient Visits


New-Age Digital Empowerment Model

Our New-Age Digital Empowerment Model will provide rural people with access to information technology enabling them to make informed decisions to gain control over their own lives.

Our Village Services

Byrraju Foundation aims at empowering the rural communities in improving quality of their lives, through well planned social impact programs and platform-centric service

Our Call Center Services

Products and Services are delivered by external service providers. Advice & information services are provided virtually through our call center.

WOW Programs

The WOW bus program is designed to be BRF's flagship program, it will be the "Most Happening Week" of all BRF activities in the village, including annual village events as per the BRF events calendar.

Foundation Theme Song by S.P.Balasubrahmanyam

Dashboard 2020

65Social impact
programs rolled out
4.0C-SAT Score (0-5)
620volunteer hrs.

What Others Say

"I am sure Byrraju development model can be replicated in many rural areas to create PURA clusters and bring about rural transformation."

Excerpts from the presedential address to the nation on 57th republic day on January 26,2007


Thomas L Friedman

"Green Tech could power IT revolution in villages "

Stating upon visiting Ethakota village, East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh, during october 2007.

Dr. Y S Rajasekhara Reddy

" Excellent work, keep it up. AP villages need such holistic , technology driven programs for rapid development. Byrraju Foundation's programmes can unearth and grow the great potential that exits in AP villages."

Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh

John Kerry

"Hearty congratulations to Raju brothers and Byrraju Foundation team. This is truly pathbreaking work."

Former Secretary of State of USA

Prof C.K Prahalad

"Inspired! Happy to see what you are doing to transform India and the world"

Professor in Management, University of Michigan. Author of
"Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid"

Jamshed J Irani

"Quite an eye-opening experience. I am humbled by the innovations and the scale of impact on 2 million people in rural AP in a very short time"

Director, TATA Sons,
Former MD, Tata Steel

Rosabeth M Kanter

"Byrraju Foundation is a shining light for the world, making a difference by bringing solutions that rest on a belief in people and a desire to serve them, a heart where every life has meaning, that everyone deserves a healthy environment."

Professor, Harvard Business School, Harvard University
Author of "When Elephants learn to dance"

Hayagreeva Rao

"This is indeed a game changer and has transformational capabilities. Stanford University is privileged to be partnering Byrraju Foundation for joint research and case studies. Thank you very much for hosting interns from Stanford Business School."

Professor of Organizational Behaviour and Consumer Research,
Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University
Author of the "Scaling up Excellence"

Special Announcements

  • Byrraju Foundation launches special rural digital empowerment program - DEEP in 30 villages.
  • Byrraju Foundation launches special promotion of government schemes.
  • Byrraju Foundation launches social impact programs in 30 villages.

Why donate?

  • Find a larger purpose in life and experience the joy of giving.
  • Extend a helping hand to the downtrodden.
  • Opportunity to transform villages.
  • Donor is the virtual project leader and gets a full life cycle experience