To create the largest technology-enabled platform in the world for people living in rural areas, which will deliver at the villages all the services they need.


Any rural wish is the BRF Platform’s command.

The most popular virtual interface is the BRF Call Centre, where all the services can be availed of through phone calls. Rural residents find this most convenient.

  • A 30-seater Call Centre meeting global standards has been set up in Bhimavaram. This will be the primary customer touch point for all rural services rolled out under the new BRF Platform Rural IDEA
  • Call Centre caters to the customer requirements of BRF’s 110 adopted villages and another 400 neighbouring villages and meet the demand of nearly 3 million people in the villages
  • Apart from executing rural customers orders for products and services, the BRF Call Centre also provide BPO/KPO-like services such as information and advisory and specialised knowledge services
  • The BRF Call Centre operates on a 24X7 basis as a standalone, external customer-facing enterprise

BRF’s platform-centric services consist of 3 types of services

  • Services@village
  • Products@village
  • Virtual Advice and Information

Customers can place their orders for Products and Services through any of BRF’s interfaces, but mostly they do this through BRF’s Call Center.

Products and Services are delivered at the villagers’ homes by external service providers, while advice and information services are directly delivered by the Platform on a virtual mode.

Products and Services@village

The platform offers thousands of B2C and B2B products and services, delivered at the villages.

  • Services@village and Products@village are spread over many categories. Under each category, there are multiple unique services or products
  • The unique services and variants currently are over 10000
  • BRF will keep on adding services and products till the platform meets all rural needs
  • This highly contextual information is customised and made available in local languages. BRF has named this as Rural Wiki, a one-stop-shop, meeting all rural needs for information, advice and knowledge

How it works

Virtual Information and Advisory Services

BRF virtual advisory services answers any query or question raised on the platform by rural customers and ESPs, meeting all the information and knowledge needs of the rural residents.

  • The services are availed of virtually through the digital medium. BRF’s Call Centre staff deliver these services virtually over the phone or by email
  • Also, the customer can avail of some of these services by browsing the BRF website or by using the BRF App, even without having to talk on the phone with the Call Centre agent
  • BRF is creating its own version of Rural Google, an exhaustive database of knowledge and information, relevant to rural audience