1. Columbia Business School

Byrraju Foundation SWEET Water Project

In January 2009 a team of students travelled to India to study the Byrraju Foundation's SWEET (Safe Water for Everyone Using Effective Technology) Initiative..

The teams charge was to make recommendations to Byrraju about how to increase usage of their safe drinking water throughout India.

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2. Stanford University

Improving the quality of rural primary schools: An evaluation of a Computer Aided Learning program in South India

Governments of developing economies are increasingly adopting computer-assisted learning (CAL) to supplement traditional learning strategies to raise achievement levels in primary schools.

This paper provides empirical evidence on one such program, a CAL program introduced by a non-governmental organization, the Byrraju Foundation, in cooperation with the state government of the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, in India.

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3. Stanford University

School Size and Schooling Inequalities

Despite the very small school sizes observed in developing economies, including India, there has been almost no attention paid in the economics literature to its potential effect on learning or on schooling inequalities.

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