The Mission

  • To prepare adopted villages for a knowledge future on being transformative and to realise IT (Indian Talent) + IT (Information Technology) = IT (India Tomorrow)
  • To make technology central to enabling change
  • Achieve 100% coverage of rural citizens in the adopted villages for DEEP learning and certification in 3 years

About the Programs

  • Digital Empowerment & Education Programme (DEEP) is a programme to transform Byrraju Foundation's adopted villages into digitally empowered societies and knowledge economies. Foundation intends to bridge the digital divide through DEEP
  • Byrraju Foundation has created holistic DEEP curriculum for 30 hrs. of video-based learning interspersed with practical learning. Keeping in view the range of target age group and their exposure to technology, this course has been designed to suit the pace of leaning for various age groups. It can be completed in a minimum of 10 days and maximum of 30 days, making learning suitable even for elderly citizens
  • As the thrust of the government is on promoting cashless transactions through mobile phones, the course content lays emphasis on digital payment system like digital wallets, mobile banking, UPI, USSD and AEPS, POS etc
  • G2C Services
  • The DEEP content has been designed with an aim of making a person digitally literate, whereby one can operate a computer/ digital access device (like smart phone and tablets), send and receive emails and search Internet for information

Programs & Services


Scale-up Plan

Dashboard 2020

2SIPs rolled out
88500Beneficiaries impacted
3Active partners
hours mobilized
4Beneficiary satisfaction index scores