Byrraju Foundation believes that if all the relevant stakeholders like the Government, Corporates, NGO'S, Social Enterprises and mainly the rural communities come together onto a single platform, the quality of life in rural areas will be improved.

To achieve this, the Byrraju Foundation aims to create the largest and most dynamic technology driven platform by leveraging latest Information & communication technologies, which has the potential to transform all of India's 6,00,000 villages. All these stakeholders can be connected through this platform to create synergistic value and scale.

The DREAM - Digital Rural Enterprise Architecture Model

  • Focus on digitally-enabled citizen empowerment for rural transformation
  • Harness all existing knowledge and leverage collaborative frameworks for designing affordable, accessible solutions for all rural segments
  • Provide easy access to all the required products, services and information to the rural citizens
  • Bridge all rural-urban divides - income, social, gender, digital and opportunity - through New- Age digital technologies

Rural IDEA Platform (IDEA - Integrated Digital Enterprise Architecture)

  • Platform contains an operating system built on entity relationships and value creation
  • Can exponentially scale to offer thousands of services and products
  • Interacts through NSL (Natural Solutions Language) to eliminate the need for programming and knowledge of processes for users
  • Integrates all technologies using latest EA and new-age technologies like ML, Big Data, Blockchain, IoT, AI
  • Enables tracking of thousands of measures in real time
  • Enables all stakeholders exchange resources and elicit value, thereby identifying, connecting, engaging and enhancing all the dots
  • Harness technology, process and management best practices for latest, low cost, rapidly scalable solutions for rural population

DREAM - Rollout Plan

  • Pilot it in our adopted villages
  • Launch over 1000 services in over 100 adopted villages in West Godavari and East Godavari districts
  • Large scale replication across all digitally connected villages in India through partners and collaborative frameworks
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP) for nation-wide impact