Tele Medicine

  • The BRF's telemedicine model aims to deliver technology-based rural healthcare solutions to bridge the accessibility and affordability gap between urban and rural healthcare
  • This comprehensive healthcare delivery model will address all the healthcare needs of rural citizens with @ home service delivery by combining centre-based services with telemedicine

  • The telemedicine service includes usage of

    • Telemedicine IT infrastructure,
    • Internet connectivity,
    • A specialist at one end and
    • Patient and BRF health worker in our villages at the other end
  • The service can be accessed even using a mobile
  • BRF's telemedicine solutions will be extensively deployed for curative healthcare

Agri Advisory

In addition to the social impact programs (SIPs), which are targeted at groups of farmers, BRF also runs Agri Advisory Services, based on requests from individual farmers, seeking immediate solutions to their specific problems.

These requests are raised by individual farmers by calling our Call Centre, which then directs the request to a suitable Agri Expert in the domain. The expert then talks to the farmer and recommends the right course of action. The SLA promised is within 24 hours of the request.

List of the major Agri Advisory Services

  • Integrated nutrient and pest management in paddy
  • Best management practices of coconut life cycle
  • Best management practices of banana life cycle
  • Feed and water management in aquaculture
  • Health management practices for cattle

Online learning portal

  • BRF's online learning portal is a digital collaborative learning management platform developed to bridge the knowledge divide between urban and rural worlds. With a plethora of topics, Online learning portal addresses the knowledge needs of various classes of rural citizens
  • The aim is to build, organise, customise all useful knowledge & information, relevant to rural residents, in their mother tongue, making it universally accessible to rural residents any time, any place on any smart device
  • This portal is linked to the Rural Wiki a Support Enterprise, which creates knowledge content on a plethora of topics relevant to the needs of rural audience, customised specially for neo-literate, non-tech savvy segments thereby enhancing the reach, overall efficiency and effectiveness of this simplified knowledge

    • Structured content presentation
    • Easy to search - keyword tagging
    • Content focused exclusively on rural needs
    • Access from any location with one-time registration
    • Content with voice-over and subtitles in Indian languages
    • Text to speech and speech to text, designed specially for neo literates and the disabled
  • BRF's online learning portal offers course management for a virtual classroom or a self-learning course. The portal delivers and manages all types of content including video, audio courses, documents, and live webcasts
  • Host of programs and content for various stakeholders viz., Internal Officers, External Service Providers (ESPs), Volunteers, Partners, Students, Unemployed youth, farmers, women and other community-based customer segments is made available. It is a centralised content/knowledge repository offering unlimited access, Online evaluation, and certification for registered users as per their profile
  • It acts as a focal point of knowledge in rural settings by allowing citizens to learn at their own pace about a subject that meets their need, interest, and choice
  • The online roll-out of many SIPs from all our service enterprises will be done here, which can be freely accessed by those with smart phones, who have undergone DEEP program
  • The DEEP Program acts as a catalyst in empowering the rural populace for optimum utilisation of the digital services
  • Optimum utilisation of BRF digital services is achieved by empowering the rural populace through our DEEP program
  • DEEP with its robust syllabus covering usage of internet, smart phones, important apps including social media, net banking etc., has 3 courses to address the knowledge needs of the rural citizen

    • BRF - DEEP short course - 1.5 hrs
    • BRF - DEEP crash course - 8 hrs
    • BRF - DEEP comprehensive course - 30 hrs
  • Digital empowerment will be further accelerated in each village through Online/Offline delivery models like Digital Service Centres, Assisted eCommerce centres and many more digitally enabled outlets and service providers

BRF O2O Commerce Centres

  • The aim is to morph local kirana stores into economic rural hubs by connecting them digitally to global players.


  • To set up at least 2 to 3 RDCCCs in every adopted village within 2 years
  • To make the best of urban products and services available, at affordable prices, at the village level by partnering with companies from various sectors
  • Provide connectivity with the BRF Platform, integrated to each partner at every store
  • Restructure the store operations - set up standard processes for the store operations
  • Train the kirana store operator on processes, application, daily operations, and accounting package

Benefit to kirana store

  • Multiple streams of revenue will lead to an increase in the kirana stores' bottom line
  • The business can be modernized at no cost - digital payments
  • Operations and Technology training at nil or minimal cost
  • Become a one stop shop for varied needs of the customers
  • Increase in local employment opportunities

Benefit to Associates

  • A large network of small retail stores in Tier II and Tier III locations will increase the footprint of the companies
  • It will help them expand their reach and grow into rural markets, using this assisted rural economic hub network
  • They can have a rural presence of 15000+ outlets within a span of 2-3 yrs
  • Priority sector lending targets for banks can be fulfilled
  • Customer base & revenues will increase at nil or minimal cost

BRF provides end-to-end solutions to its associates, with the sole objective of connecting India's rural citizens to the modern ecosystem.

The kirana store will become an extended rural arm for the BRF associates, who are big urban or global players looking to grow their markets but have no viable access to rural markets.

Smartphone Penetration

For all the digital services to be successful, BRF believes that smartphone penetration is a must. Currently 20% of the villagers have smartphones, this percentage is expected to go up to 80% in the next couple of years with efforts of BRF's smartphone promotion campaigns and DEEP program.

The aim is to have at least 90% of households to have at least 1 smartphone within 1 year

To increase the smart phone penetration BRF plans to :

  • Increase the awareness on the advantages of a smartphone through DEEP program
  • Tie up with low cost mobile device manufacturers and resellers for a discounted pricing for
    BRF villages
  • Imparting digital empowerment skills through DEEP program with hands-on content, which would encourage increasingly more rural users to migrate to smartphones and apps for daily use

With the advantage of 4G network rollouts by telcos, declining device prices, low cost data, rising aspirations and BRF's efforts, smartphone usage in our villages would reach the zenith in less than 2 years.

BRF Call Centre

The most popular virtual interface is the BRF Call Centre, where all the services can be availed of through phone calls. Rural residents find this most convenient.

  • A 30-seater Call Centre meeting global standards has been set up in Bhimavaram. This will be the primary customer touch point for all rural services rolled out under the new BRF Platform Rural IDEA
  • Call centre caters to the customer requirements of BRF's 117 adopted villages and another 400 neighbouring villages and meet the demand of nearly 3 million people in the villages
  • Apart from executing rural customers' orders for products and services, the BRF Call Centres also provide BPO/KPO-like services such as information and advisory and specialised knowledge services
  • The BRF Call Centre operates on a 24X7 basis as a standalone, external customer-facing enterprise
  • In BRF's current physical infrastructure in Bhimavaram and Amalapuram, the Call Centre capacity can be increased to up to a 200-seater facility
  • BRF's IT infra solutions are state-of-the-art, with 100% uptime assured
  • BRF's holistic Call Centre solution is a perfect blend of multiple vendor solutions, such as telecom, broadband, operating system, database, CRM, IVR and Call Centre management software