Why Donate to BRF?

  • Opportunity to transform villages - Be part of BRF's rural transformation journey
  • Find a larger purpose and meaning in life and experience the joy of giving
  • Create a meaningful impact - helping a worthwhile cause by supporting deserving person/s
  • Credibility of the organization: past achievements, transparency of all information, accountability for executing the donor's project
  • 100% of the entire donation amount goes to the project or the beneficiary and is not used for any of the overheads of the Foundation
  • Receive monthly progress reports of the project/ NSL virtual project tracker
  • Donors will be provided with individual E project passbooks to track fund utilization
  • Donors will be virtually connected with the beneficiary and get personalized messages
  • Donors are also welcome to visit the villages adopted by BRF anytime and see its programs and interact with the beneficiaries
  • Various donor recognition and reward avenues, ensuring donor delight
  • The donor gets to manage the project and gets a full project life cycle experience

Benefits to the Donor

80G Tax Benefits

  • All donations are tax exempt under 80G with immediate receipt of the amount donated along with the 80G certificate being sent to the donor

Donor Recognition

  • Any specific donations towards supporting BRF such as infrastructure support or content videos created for awareness will be acknowledged and the donor names displayed
  • Donors can become gold and platinum donors on a progressive basis

Donor Products

Agriculture & Farming


Health Services

Women Empowerment



Rural Livelihoods



Grassroot Technologies

Arts and Culture