Meaningful partnerships are the foundation for success

  • Byrraju Foundation places great emphasis on partnering with individuals and organizations that have similar priorities with the objective to improve the quality of design, reach and speedy implementation of our programs.
  • The Foundation provides a platform which can be used by various organizations to aid rural transformation. We believe in creating a synergic value by joining hands with various organizations across the globe for mutual benefit
  • The Foundation aims to build partnerships with Government, NGOs, Academic and Research Institutes, Corporate Houses and other like minded organisations with the objective to broaden the scope of its activities for the benefit of the rural communities
  • Collaborators and partners can extend the BRF platform reach to their respective geographies or extend their services to BRF villages

NGO Program Partners

NGOs with established programs, domain best practices and mapped territories looking to scale up but lacking presence in the regions served by BRF can engage through different engagement models, which include they funding and running the programs, joint funding programs, capacity building and BRF running the programs, and joint project management models. BRF would like to partner with such NGOs for the betterment of the villages.

Corporate Partners

Corporate best practices should be freely imported into the social sector Organisations with a special focus on NGO sector for best practices proliferation, funding projects, joint programs and volunteering time by employees can partner with BRF as corporate partners.

Academic and Knowledge Partners

Latest knowledge can be a much greater contribution than money or time. Academic institutions willing to share their knowledge, research findings, learning material, time and expertise of the faculty and students, for joint research, internships, content sharing and capacity building are welcome to join hands with BRF as academic and knowledge partners.

Proliferation Collaborators/Partners

These are BRF's partners across India and some around the world, who are interested in scaling the BRF programs and best practices in their existing territories.

BRF has multiple programs covering all the needs of the rural population. So, any partner looking for rural programs to expand their range of domains in their existing territory or extend them to their neighbouring villages will find suitable proliferation programs with BRF.

We invite you to join hands with us to make this world a better place

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