Why Volunteer with BRF?

  • See and experience reality at the grassroots - A unique rural immersion experience - Let us transform our villages together
  • Immense learning opportunity - Get trained and certified to be a program leader
  • Fulfil your leadership potential - develop and nurture the leader within you. Grab the rare opportunity to be a virtual leader
  • BRF offers multiple options for optimally leveraging skill sets and time to make a huge impact
  • Meet like-minded people and develop global networks
  • Build partnerships and connections that last a lifetime

Volunteering Opportunities

Program Leaders

Program Leaders deliver Social Impact Programs (SIPs) of all our domains, creating delightful experiences for rural citizens.

E.g.: Tutoring school children, manage a village project, mentor a youth

Knowledge Leaders

Knowledge Leaders can provide their domain expertise for creating organizational soft assets

E.g.: Website improvement, technology solutions, conduct market survey, case studies, develop new processes, new solutions, prototypes, research papers, social audit, new training content/videos, TOT handbook and training delivery.

Enterprise Level Leaders

Enterprise level Leaders can play the role of an Integrator, Full Life Cycle Leader, a Program Manager, Domain Consultant or a Mentor.

E.g.: Content creation and managing an enterprise

Project Leader

A volunteer can take the complete ownership of a given project.

E.g.: Setting up a village centre, prototype testing and scaling.

Community Leaders

Community leaders create awareness, provide leadership, mobilize, program sustainability and help creating alliances. They build communities and are mostly people in the villages.

E.g.: Awareness creation and mobilizing people for the programs

Modes of Leadership


In person leaders are those who are physically present in the villages and deliver programs for the beneficiaries
Eg: Taking classes, conducting awareness programs


Students, researchers or professionals who can provide almost any type of volunteering activity/ expertise virtually to intended beneficiaries
Eg: Mentoring someone, providing professional expertise


Hybrid mode of leadership allows volunteers to conduct any volunteering activity in different combinations. They can be physically present in villages/ Head office or operate virtually.
Eg: Develop processes, implement or scale them