WOW is the flagship program of BRF’s New Digital Empowerment Model

  • WOW week will be the “Most Happening Week” for all programs and events in every village.
  • The WOW week programs will attract over 10000 footfalls and more than 90% of the village population will actively participate.


Village-wide Digital Empowerment programs, bringing about rapid Social, Economic and Environment Transformation for the entire village, in every village.

The Mission

The high impact Digital Transformation project called WOW week will organise many BRF programs, services and events

  • Minimum participation and engagement of 85 to 90 % of the village population during the Digital Transformation Week
  • Registration for all village residents
  • Awareness creation and enrolment for diverse target segments into all our SIPs
  • Proliferation of NSL platform solutions and other best-in-class technology tools

Special Features of the WOW Bus

  • Access control features like a fingerprint scanner at the entry
  • The inside of the bus is a fully functional airconditioned computer lab with workstations built to accommodate 15 students
  • It is a fully Wi-Fi enabled zone
  • Video conferencing facility
  • Inbuilt CCTV cameras for monitoring
  • Electricity for the entire computer lab is channelled through solar panels attached to the rooftop 


  • Making the state-of-art mobile computer lab available in the midst of rural villages
  • Connecting the rural citizens to the world of opportunities
  • Help bridge the digital divide between urban and rural areas by bringing easy information technology access to the isolated and disadvantaged groups
  • Promote IT enabled education through e-learning modules, entrepreneurial and skill development programs
  • Promote best practices in agriculture for farmers
  • Help train school children, rural youth, and communities in various aspects to enhance the overall quality of lives 
  • Benefit the local population through hassle-free linkage to Government schemes & services 

Scale-up Plan

Impact Targets

WOW Program Participants Per Village - 11,885

Dashboard 2020

05Villages covered
150000Cumulative Footfalls
hours mobilized
index scores